what is your spaghetti policy here?

hi my name is kelly. i have a cat and i try to play the banjo and i like to draw and that's about it.

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everyone please watch this video

i don’t think this is right.

If you’ve ever wondered what horse feed pellets taste like, you can have some of this green tea/green coffee bean tea I’m drinking right now. 

I’m not saying it’s bad, I’m just saying I’ve tasted both and it’s darn similar.


Brittany Haas, Paul Kowert, and Jordan Tice - Grandpa’s Cheesebarn

From the new album “You Got This”. Amazing stuff.

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You just know nobody is reblogging this for the dog

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Friends, is Shutter Island 2spooky or should I watch it?  My mom recorded it onto her DVR thing last time she had a free HBO weekend or whatever.

Other movies on this thing (what should I watch!!?):
-Magic Mike (lol)
-Ender’s Game
-The Wolverine
-The Great Gatsby
-Les Miserables
-The Descendants



Norway looking pretty


Norway looking pretty

does pinterest not have the little zoom to the top button anymore, what the heck.

some rockygrass pictures!

I always find myself eating the trashiest food possible while watching tv shows about fancy cooking (I’m catching up on MasterChef right now).  Like, “today I have prepared for you some fresh ‘cheddar cheese’ flavor instant lunch cup noodles with all the liquid drained off, served over a bed of cut up and microwaved day-old fried chicken fingers from the grocery store”.


Imagine a nice brown and green stegosaurus giving you a ride to school.  When school’s over he’d give you a necklace he made out of soda cans and pipe cleaners and then you’d go back to your house and play volleyball.

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I’m back from Rockygrass and did you know that Rockygrass is really great?