what is your spaghetti policy here?

hi my name is kelly. i have a cat and i try to play the banjo and i like to draw and that's about it.

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Hello friends, I have never had a smart phone or data before but I may get one soon.  Are any of you willing to give me examples of what the data allowances actually amount to in terms of practical usage time?  Like how many MB or GB of data you use per month and how much time in hours or whatever of puttering around the internet you feel that translates to. Thank u in advance from someone who’s like 10 years behind the tech curve.

“I am very poorly today and very stupid and hate everybody and everything.”

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either the graphics card or the actual display pooped out on my laptop. either way: it dead. :(  and it’s not worth pumping money into it to try to revive it since i got it cheap to begin with.  so it’ll be a little while til i pick out/get a new system.  (also i’m in the process of moving ugh)  until then, friends, have fun on the tumbls, be good.


photos by colin cameron from his home in the isle of lewis, in the outer hebrides. the island is home to the callanish standing stones, seen in several of the photos, which were erected about five thousand years ago.

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is there anything as satisfying as successfully extracting a large splinter whole?


Bryan Sutton | Cricket on the Hearth

From his recent solo release, Into My Own on Sugar Hill. 
Featuring Samson Grisman on bass, Noam Pikelny on banjo, Luke Bulla on fiddle, and Casey Campbell on mandolin. 

Be looking for Bryan Sutton on tour with Hot Rize. 

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all my life i have hated pickles but today i not only left the pickle slices on my chicken sandwich, i picked up and ate the one that fell out.  it’s happening.  i’m evolving into my final form.


Dude check out this shark


Dude check out this shark

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friends, if you don’t know about pygmy hippos, you should know about pygmy hippos, they’re only 2.5 feet tall.

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A kitten in a flower crown.
You’re welcome. (x)


A kitten in a flower crown.

You’re welcome. (x)

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my annual fall routine of attempting to not buy candy corn for as long as possible has begun.

btw, bean is doing really well!  her pancreas results came back normal & the urine culture was normal so ????  mystery infection(?) is the loose diagnosis.  the super-antibiotic shot she got last week will be wearing off after another week and then if she doesn’t come down with a fever again, she’s probably cured?  basically a lot of veterinary medicine is less exact science and more ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.  but she is bouncing around and meowing and eating and all that good stuff so yay.